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I have some wicked blue shirts and have been incredibly self-conscious about wearing them with equally wicked blue jeans despite their theoretically conjuncted wickedness. Hick or ex-con or janitor or geek -- it's a style, but not one to aspire to.

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Oct 30,  · I agree that jeans are neutral, but you still might want to avoid matching the blue of your shirt precisely with the blue of your jeans. I have some very dark jeans that would look stupid with a similarly navy-colored shirt.
Find womens denim shirt at Macy's. Macy's Presents: Can you wear jeans with a denim shirt? Yes, wearing denim on denim is a classic outfit combination. light blue chambray shirt will look great with light wash jeans or pick complementary denim washes like a medium denim shirt worn with a dark blue jean .
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9 Classic Shirt and Jeans Combinations for Every Wardrobe. Shirt and Jeans For Men. Shirts and jeans are two crucial cornerstones to any man’s wardrobe and, Remember to keep the outfit smart by wearing either a dark navy or blue pair of jeans with a classic white shirt.
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Although I'm not dashing, cunning, cool or fashionable, so my opinion probably doesn't count for much here posted by kisch mokusch at 3: I like to wear lots of stuff all of different shades of one color, and I think that can work. So denim blue jeans, pale blue shirt sticking out of dark blue sweater, maybe blue suede shoes, an aquamarine bracelet or ring and a sky-blue scarf. Not necessarily the bracelet and scarf if you want to look masculine, though.

What bizarro universe are you people in? Jeans should be worn sparingly at best. If you must leave the house in jeans, they should be dark and fitted properly. Chicks, this means boot cut or the long and lean cut from Gap. None at all if you're above a size Light colored jeans are never to be worn. They are especially not to be worn with a light or pastel shirt.

Triple plus ungood if you're wearing light jeans, a pastel shirt, and athletic shoes without actually doing anything athletic. So the answer is, if you are wearing jeans prpperly, then you are wearing a dark rinse fitted pair which absolutely do not go with a blue shirt.

I am one of those people who doesn't like blue shirts with jeans. I prefer higher contrast combinations like orange or brown with blue. Blue on blue is blah to me. I think a shirt with several shades of blue can work with jeans. A blue shirt could be worn with jeans if layered with a contrasting color.

A shirt that is an intense shade of blue looks funny with the generally relaxed colors of jeans. But as you can tell from the rest of the thread, this is totally subjective. If you like the combination, wear it. If you don't, don't. Life isn't What Not to Wear and there aren't really fashion police waiting to attack. Are you serious, pieoverdone? No jeans at all if you wear larger than a size 10? Did I read that properly? Sizing isn't an ironclad indicator of one's body type or weight.

Several of my taller, athletic friends wear size jeans and look awesome in them by anyone's standards. When I first met them, I thought they wore much smaller sizes. I have enough hangups about my borderline-plus-size body as it is.

The last thing I need to hear is someone telling me I'm too fat to wear jeans. Too fat for a string bikini, I'll give you. Note from a color geek: I think pie meant skinny jeans, which are an abomination anyway and should be either destroyed or turned into self-made denim skirts which I think is one of the hottest things ever; there's the element of subversion of expecations Worrying about contrasting colors means you are taking your look too seriously.

I'll wear a white T, a washed-out denim shirt with a pair of jeans and a navy blazer because I know I will look good but still come off as not caring. Working for Ralph Lauren for a couple of years, I learned there is a difference between style and fashion.

You have to walk the thin line between looking good and looking like you care too much about your appearance. And you don't need "fashion" when you can straddle that fence. Declaring what people are "allowed" to wear based on their size is beyond obnoxious. Back to the question: I'll second the statement that there should be sufficient contrast between your shirt and your jeans.

I'd wear my lighter, faded jeans with navy, or a light blue shirt with dark jeans. But I'd never wear a bright blue shirt with jeans, especially a royal-ish blue. It would be too And that from someone who adores blue. I've always been told never to wear "shade on shade. Maybe a light blue shirt with dark jeans is okay?

Truth be told I don't set much store by the "rules" even though some are useful I try not to mix, say, purple and yellow. My rule of thumb is to just try it on and look in the mirror. If I look like a monochromatic blob, I change an article. Most importantly, however, please ignore pieoverdone.

It's one of the wrongest and stupidest answers I've seen recently in an AskMe thread. All the more obnoxious because of the authority with which she speaks.

As a general lazy rule: Colour, shape fittedness , texture. Match no more than one, partials count. So since most flattering jeans are half a match for just about anything in the fittedness department, you can wear a blue that's not an exact match, and get some texture in there--either in the colour or the weave of the fabric, and you'll be fine. Don't worry about what size you are, as long as your jeans are of a flattering cut. This may be harder to find for those who are extremely large or small, but if you find 'em, by god, wear 'em!

Yes, you can do this, as everyone else has pointed out. I would go for a dark rinse jean with something like a french blue dress shirt. I will go out on a limb and even suggest a specific combo.

Be warned that I am not renowned for my fashion sense. Like these jeans in dark indigo and this shirt in french blue. I actually wish the shirt was a tad darker. Lands End is hardly stylish, so it's just the closest I could get.

But I think it would work OK. I call BS on pieoverdone! Properly fitting jeans look great on size 12 and up. I wear 10 - 12 depending on make and weight fluctuations, and I get compliments on my jeans. I think slightly low-rise jeans, fitted around the butt but a little flared at the ankle, look best on my size.

And ultimately, I don't care all that much if someone thinks I'm too big for jeans; I mainly wear 'em because they're comfy and easy-care. You got your answer in the first response. I saw Aaron Eckhart a few months ago wearing a jean shirt and jeans.

By fine I mean fiiiiiiine. I think when the look was shunned, it may have been during the acid wash era. Remember the early Saved by the Bells? Jeans have different washes and cuts nowadays, a jean shirt will not make you look like Zach Morris. Properly fitted jeans, as with any other item of clothing, will look better on fat people than loose 'I'm hiding my giant ass' jeans. I wear jeans every day during winter, as does a good majority of other uni students.

Oh, you weren't talking about students? Maybe you should have specified which group you were addressing?

Dec 30,  · Contrast a dark blue jeans with a very faded light blue shirt and voila! Alternately, a light blue jeans with an ink colored shirt will do beautifully as well. Note that this look banks on contrast, so try not to have the same color jeans and shirt. Oct 30,  · I agree that jeans are neutral, but you still might want to avoid matching the blue of your shirt precisely with the blue of your jeans. I have some very dark jeans that would look stupid with a similarly navy-colored shirt. of over 10, results for "blue jeans shirts for men" Showing selected results. See all results for blue jeans shirts for men. Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit Long-Sleeve Denim Shirt. by Goodthreads. $ $ 30 00 Prime. Exclusively for Prime Members. Some sizes/colors are Prime eligible.