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The gift of expertly curated wines is perfect for any occasion. Winc is an impressive and delightfully easy way to gift great wine. When you give a Winc gift card, you give a completely personalized experience.

These are absolutely adorable!! I love the cozies.

Preventing Gift Card Fraud. Protecting Your Program From Loss and Liability. Gift cards have become the perfect gift for many consumers over the past couple of years.
Give the gift of doing with a Home Depot Gift Card. Congratulate a friend on a new home purchase, say “thank you” for being an amazing employee or “Happy Birthday” to the DIY’er in your life.
If you have confirmed the recipient's email address but the e-gift card has not been received within a reasonable period after the delivery date, the following is a list of the most common reasons why delivery may have failed.
This free knit gift card holder pattern is a great way to personalize the not-so-personal gift cards.
Choose from over 20 American Express Gift Card designs ® to find a perfect gift for all the important people in your life. Get a Business Gift Card for star employees or loyal customers. Or a Personal Gift Card for friends and family.
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Transfer Balances. For your convenience, you can transfer full card balances from one Disney Gift Card to another. You can transfer amounts up to $1,, but don't forget that each card can only hold a maximum value of $1,

Unfortunately, retailers, including larger ones, have been short sighted, and rather than spend money on card protection have reduced the costs of their gift card program by eliminating certain security features only to lose profits through gift card fraud. Deterring Fraud at the Point of Sale.

When it comes to frauds involving tenders, the point of sale is often where it occurs. Understanding how your point of sale issues, redeems and cashes cards and when the card is activated in your POS system can help you to determine various risks at your point of sale. Knowing when the card is activated at your point of sale can help determine your level of vulnerability to gift card fraud.

Many retailers allow their cards to activate once scanned as an item for sale, prior to the transaction being tendered and complete. This allows the retailer to become vulnerable to several methods including "laundering" of a gift card, credit card or check fraud, or known methods of organized gift card fraud.

Other areas of system vulnerability include the possible post voiding of a gift card, or shutting down the register in the middle of a transaction after a gift card is activated. The latter two are known methods used by employees to steal from a retailer. Your point of sale system as it pertains to gift card issuance and redemption will help to protect your company from gift card frauds.

Card Display and Handling. Where and how you display gift cards can also determine vulnerability to fraud. If cards are displayed in unorganized fashions or not properly maintained at the store, then how easy is it for a customer to take several blank cards and duplicate them for fraud. Keeping gift cards in an area where they can be seen by employees will help to deter the theft of blank cards. Noticing missing sections of your gift card display is another indicator of concern.

Many retailers are finding out that their biggest gift card fraudsters are their employees. Employees switching customer's gift cards with zero balance cards and using the customer card to purchase merchandise or sell is one of the known methods.

Not until a customer goes to make a purchase with a zero balance card will you find out. Make certain used gift cards are discarded properly and keep track of blank cards.

Gift Cards programs are seeing dramatic increases in today's retail environment. Understanding your gift card program, developing proper safeguards with the card and your POS System, and auditing your program for issues will better protect yourself from points of fraud. Decreasing the opportunities and likelihood of incidents will then allow you to reap the benefits of a good gift card program.

How Do They It? The following are known methods of gift card fraud: An employee receives a gift card as payment from a customer. The card after purchase still has a balance. The employee switches the card with a zero balance card lying by the register. The customer leaves with a zero balance card, and the employee takes the customer's original card with remaining balance.

Next time your customer comes back they will not be happy to learn they have a card with No Balance! While the employee uses the active card. They complete the purchase, but do not put any money in the register no customer is present. They then go back to register 1 and Post Void the original sale. Can't post void a gift card sale? What happens in your system if they cancel the sale or suspend the original transaction instead? If your gift card activates before tender, you may want to check out the ways you can negate a transaction but still activate a gift card!

An employee rings up a gift card and activates it at the point of purchase. Before tendering the transaction they unplug or conduct a hard shut down of the register. Did the gift card activate? Did the transaction get recorded? Some retailers have lost thousands because of this method before realizing what had occurred.

This again is dependent upon when you activate gift cards in your sales process. Like credit cards, some organized thieves will get their hands on the gift card numbers collusion with employees and replicate gift card "mag" stripes, thereby making a duplicate of the gift card.

Using it or selling it quickly, the card gets into play and the first to use it is normally the thief. This is just what I needed! Oh my gosh, Thank you Myra for the wonderful compliment!

So glad to have you reading along, and pleased that the Gift Card covers work for you too. Thank you for this! My nephew and nieces are at the stage where they are iffy about hand-knits, but they all have iDevices of one sort or another …. I love the ipod idea. Fun all the diverse ideas people have come up with for these simple little card holders.

Knitters are such creative people! Oh well, there is always birthdays… lol. They are super cute though — I love them. These are really cute! Ooh, I think they could have something to do with tea! You could make a tea bag wallet… to play on your own screen name, a tea bag cosy.

Usually for a Small Item I Want.. Teacher or BDaY Gifts.. The List Goes On: Many Congrats for being SO Clever!!! I just found this site and it is amazing! I wanted to share an idea I had after seeing this. If you put an eyelet row up the outsides and weave it shut — rather than sewing — it may be just the right size to use as a coffee cozy after the gift card has been used up. Really glad to have you reading along. I found these a while ago on Pinterest and since the holidays are fast approaching, I plan on making some.

Just wanted to let you know that I blogged about them here: I just left from a visit to your beautiful country. Thanks for your kind words! Hi Katie, You can find information for selling handmade items made out of our patterns on our free pattern page here: We get daily emails asking if we sell items made from our free patterns.

In the near future we hope to add a page of stores that do make items from our patterns. If you think you might be interested in being included in that page, send me your store URL. Thanks for sharing this pattern. I was just wondering if there is a crochet version of this. As we say here, many tanked ewes picture ewes having too much eggnog for sharing this lovely pattern with those of us who are a bit knittingly challenged, but try anyway!

It must skip generations in my family, so, alas, I raise the sheep and spin the wool for family projects. Have a wonder-filled Holiday Season! This is what I have adjusted to: Why are you sometimes doing k4 and sometimes k5 on the edges? Also I think it is best with an uneven number of cast on stitches. But I could be wrong…. Maybe someone else might post in reply and give some more expert advice. I am just a beginner. It does have an uneven number of cast on stitches, Raghnall.

The pattern calls for a cast on of 15 stitches. The edges call for K2 or K3, not K4 or 5. These stitches create the edging on either side of the cables. I just linked here from Pinterest. These are absolutely adorable!! I would love to use them for Christmas gifts. But I do crochet! Would you happen to have a similar pattern to crochet?? Love this pattern, but I have made a slight adjustment for the closure row. I join the yarn at the right hand side right side facing then slip stitch to the centre back, make the 8 chain loop in the centre stitch, then slip stich to the end.

I find it more secure and easier to weave the ends in. I love this pattern! But I cannot figure out why, if I followed the pattern exactly, did it not look like the ones in the pictures?

The pattern going up the centre of mine is not nearly as defined as the ones in the picture. Did I do something wrong? I would post a picture but I am not sure how on this site. I think the amount of definition in the cable depends on the yarn you use.

If you use a smooth, round yarn you tend to get crisp definition — a fuzzy yarn tends to give much less definition when it comes to cables. These are absolutely stunningly adorable! I love the unique ribbing! Love the colors you chose too. Very nice job designing this. Thanks a million for being kind enough to share your pattern. I also thought it was commendable that you allow folks to sell their finished product as long as they give SN credit.

Wrapping you up in Warm Wishes too, Kendra! Thanks so much for your kind regard. Hope you enjoy that one too! Is there a video for this aborable card holder …I am a video watching learner.

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Gift Card Balance Information: Gift Card Number: Captcha. Check Gift Card Balance for Visa ® or Mastercard ® Find your card balance for a Visa, Mastercard or any major retail gift card. To check your card balance you'll need the card number and security code if applicable. For specific instructions and tips for using your gift card, search from Granny's list of over 1, popular brands. Check my Balance To check the balance of your gift card you will need the card number and, if applicable, the PIN or security code located on the back of the card.