Sportswear (activewear)

This dress is a different material than those - this is much more like workout pants or swimsuits, vs the other dress material which is more of a crisp nylon feel. Both are comfortable, but in my opinion the other fabric is a bit more versatile and dressy - this definitely looks like a swim

Top Bra Camisole Undershirt. In baseball, catchers and batters wear head gear for protection against the high velocity pitches.

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Sportswear For Women. When wanting to find some great selections in sportswear for women, perhaps the first thing to do is to take an inventory of what sports and athletic areas are going to dominate and then build a sports wardrobe around these favorites.
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Sportswear or activewear is clothing, including footwear, worn for sport or physical exercise. Sport-specific clothing is worn for most sports and physical exercise, for practical, comfort or safety reasons. Typical sport-specific garments include tracksuits, shorts, T-shirts and polo shirts.
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What to Look for in Athletic Dresses & Skirts. Get the coverage you need, from the court to the track. Choose running skorts and skirts with a streamlined fit and mesh paneling for proper airflow.. Never let your apparel stand in the way of your shot.

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